The group was born in 1994 with the aim of dignifying and modernizing Majorcan Traditional Music through a present-day approach to the lyrics and music that define us a people.

We are concerned about the defence of our identity, our country, our language and culture, taking into account that we are part of the Mediterranean and that the wealth of our cultural heritage must not disappear.

Halfway between tradition and original lyrics we have recorder five CDs: “Projecte Roig” (1995), “De poetes I altres codolades” (1997), “Anem de Gresca” (1998), “Fent Camí” (2001) and “amb Coherència (2004).

In 1996, the group was awarded the Cerverí Prize for the song “Mai l’amor és impossible” a song recorded on the “Projecte Roig” CD, lyrics and music by Toni Roig, said prize being awarded by the Prudenci Bertrana Foundation based in the town of Girona.

We vindicated the MEDITERRANEO as own musical space from the South shore to the North shore without forgetting the east.

By tradition we make use of the instruments that of ancestral form have survived the passage of time, with the intention, among others, make arrive at the future generations all the values that we do not want that they are lost.

Like always, we followed it jeopardize in the defense of our Country, our language and of a form to live and to feel that they are our signs of identity.

If we lose them we will disappear like town. We want to leave a door open to the creativity, to the new musical technologies, the new musics by ethnic root, since the culture is always an alive matter and we fought so that it does not become a museum piece.

The culture makes the people free.